All songs written and produced by Ange Hardy

Recorded at: Beehive Studios, Somerset
Engineer: Olly Winters-Owen
Co-Producers: Olly Winters-Owen and Rob Swan
Management: Rob Swan
Head Brobdingnagian: Tom Spademan
Mastering:Sam John, Precise Mastering

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard and Penny Whistle: Ange Hardy
Drums, Bass Guitar and Percussion: Olly Winters-Owen
Electric Guitar: Tom Dwyer
Accordion: Paraic Dwyer
Flute: Sonja Helliar
Artwork: Rob Swan and Ange Hardy

For my awesome husband Rob who walks with me always. His determination, knowledge and persistence have helped to pave the way. His support has carried me when I've needed carrying and his love has caught me when I have fallen.

For my sweet daughter Amy, always follow your heart.

For my incredible family, especially Mum, Andy, Jan and Phil, for all of your belief in me.

Also for the wonderful Tom and Mary Spademan, for your unfailing support and trust.

And finally for all my family at the Yeovil Community Church for your ongoing and invaluable prayer and support.

In memory of my beloved brother Steve Hardy 1978-1995.

Ange x

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